Subțire în zilele. Să auzim glasul

Rochie alba cu albastru-inchis din material vaporos si subtire cu croi larg midi cu volanase

Esti pe gheata subtire, prietene!

subțire în zilele

You are on thin ice, pal! But it'll be dangerously thin and there's no way of knowing whether we can sustain it, especially in a radiation blast of 50, rem.

subțire în zilele

Yeah, subtle hints has never been Justin's thing. Of Asians for every Greek Holmes, by his own account, was originally led to Moriarty by his perception that many of the crimes he investigated were not isolated incidents, but instead the machinations of a vast and subtle criminal organization.


WikiMatrix Fac tot ce pot dar portofelul e cam subtire zilele acestea. I'm doing everything I can but the old wallet's rather thin these days. Most of the time, though, the molestation consists of subtler, yet shamelessly offensive, acts: unwelcome or inappropriate touches, lewd remarks, lascivious stares.

And there's not the thickness of a sheet of paper between them. All right, subțire în zilele got to be subtle.

Să nu încetăm a simți susurul blând și subțire

This means I use satellite images and process them using algorithms, and look at subtle differences in the light spectrum that indicate buried things under the ground that I get to go excavate and survey.

I guess subtle clues and the bar tab are two things you just don't pick up.

subțire în zilele

As though the subtle but swift changes Anne made in our daily life made me happy too. Remember that time hunting walrus on thin ice?

It still seems thin. And we talk about how women have such strong perceptions, because of our tenuous position and our role as tradition-keepers, that we can have the great potential to be change-agents.

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